An invitation for your business to receive unlimited growth in your customer base by receiving the 800-GO-RACING calls

As a provider of products to the racing industry you are receiving this invitation to join the 800-GO-RACING telephone network of race related businesses. 800-GO-RACING will help you sell more parts by connecting people in your area who call 800-GO-RACING for your products, directly to each of your locations nationwide. Your location that happens to be the closest one to the caller, will get the call every time.

We’re creating a national network of businesses using the 800-GO-RACING phone number, which people will call because they want to do business with companies who support their favored sport… Racing. We would like to send these customers who call for your products to your dealers!

How 800-GO-RACING works: Droves of people will call this easy-to-remember phone number for the various products they need. When they call 800-GO-RACING, using GPS tracking, our caller ID identifies their exact location and as they select from the menu they are instantly connected to the closest type of business they choose. By accepting this invitation, you can be assured all 800-GO-RACING calls for your products will ring directly to your business.

Equally important, the only cost for being a part of the 800-GO-RACING network and receiving the calls is a fixed monthly phone bill of only $10. This covers the cost of routing the 800- GO-RACING phone line to your business, so you can receive the calls for your products. You will receive an unlimited number of new customers each month, these are customers who may well become your loyal, lifelong customers.

We want you to be knowledgeable about how 800-GO-RACING can benefit your bottom line and ROI, so you can decide what’s best for your business. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to send you additional information about the 800-GO-RACING program. We’re available to answer any questions you have; please call Larry at 800-350-9706 or email him at larry@800goracing.com.

We look forward to hearing from you concerning your interest in the 800-GO-RACING program and await the opportunity to answer any questions you have. Please remember that one of the perks of being in the 800-GO-RACING network is that only one company of each type will be the exclusive provider for their area of the 800-GO-RACING network. This is a first-come opportunity so your response in a timely manner could be of the utmost importance to you.